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About us

Imperio Laboratories Sp. z o.o. is the manufacturing and service company operating in Łomża. The company was founded under the incubation 1.1.1 program Startups Development in Eastern Poland. It combines experience in mechatronics and biotechnology.


Since 2016, we have been providing services in the fields of precision CNC machining, 3D design, prototyping and FEM / CFD simulations. We have an extensive machine park consisting of 5-axis milling and turning center, a 4-axis milling center, a 3-axis milling center, as well as a precision SLA 3D printer and metal casting line.


You can find out more about the machine park and services provided in the ENGINEERING SERVICES tab.


In December 2019, we released our first product, which is an innovative laboratory thermoblock created under the 1.1.2 program Starup Development in Eastern Poland, co-financed by PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development).

The direct effect of this project is minimization of the time losses during enzymatic reactions preparation.

Project title: The world’s first cooling and heating laboratory thermoblock BeCool

Project objective: Developing the business strategy based on the business model created during 1.1.1 POPW program.

The value of the project is 1 110 511.74 PLN with the EFRR support level of 800.000 PLN.


You can learn more about the BeCool device in the PRODUCTS tab


Manufacturer of the innovative laboratory thermoblock used during enzymatic reactions preparation. The device is characterized by small size and impressive performance. The temperature range is 4-100°C, with just 12 minutes to reach time minimum temperature. The created control system allows for the maximum measurement error to be only 0.35°C.

CAD + CNC milling

Our team includes designers with many years of experience. We have completed projects such as the suspension of an autonomous agricultural robot or innovative borehole tool for oil and gas industry. The company has the advanced machine park including precise numerical milling and turning centers.
Services in thas area are characterized by timeliness and quality of workmanship.

3D printing + casting

We provide prototyping services of the machines, devices and parts. In addition to the possibility of producing elements by machining, we print elements with an extremely precise SLA 3D printer in many types of resin. We are also casting metal parts using lost wax method.


Do you need to quickly create a prototype? You are in the right place!

Research center

Our team uses gained experience to provide specialized engineering services including CFD, FEM and fatigue simulations. We are using the state of the art latest NX software from Siemens.


Do you want to confirm the design assumptions or you want to optimize solution? We look forward to hearing from you!

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